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Used car warranites and auto service contract information
Tips on auto warranites and used car warranties

Extended Auto Warranty - Used Car Warranty Quotes

extend your protection now.

If your Auto Warranty has expired or is about to expire you should review your options. Your dealer or finance company has probably sent you info on new auto warranty plans via mail or by calling you directly. The truth is you need protection. The part they won't tell you is that you may qualify for an Auto Service Contract at much lower prices.

Why pay your dealer directly for high priced plans?

major Benefits

  • Never pay for Covered Repairs.
  • Unlimited Number of Claims.
  • Roadside Assistance Available.
  • Coverage Accepted Anywhere.
  • Car Rental Assistance.
  • 100% Free Quote.
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Used Car Warranty FAQs

What is an Auto Warranty?

A new car factory warranty extends from a minimal 1 year, more common 3 year and extended 5 years. This warranty protects you for most anything that may happen to your car.

What is an Auto Service Contract?

Before your original auto warranty expires you may want to extend your protection against repairs. That can be accomplished through an Auto Service Contract. A service contract is a promise to perform (or pay for) certain repairs or services. Sometimes called an "Extended Warranty".

Why would you want a Auto Service Contract?

The same reason you felt secure driving around with the original warranty. You do not want to get caught with costly auto repair bills.

Are all Auto Service Contracts the same?

No. There are several options available based on the auto protection level you want. There will be several options to choose from that meet your budget.

How much does it cost?

Auto protection plans vary depending on your protection level. Some auto protection plans provide payment options as low as $39.00 per month.

How do I get my quote?

Simply fill out the form above to receive your quote. There is no obligation. This is just for you to review your options and decide if a plan makes sense for you.


Extended Auto Warranty Facts
Used auto warranty quotes

On average a family spends just over $1050.00 per year on automotive repairs such as transmission, AC, electrical and engine problems.

Mark robertson
Get help with extended car warranties for ford, chevrolet, dodge, chrysler and more.

Only buy extended auto protection plans and warranties from the source. Most online car extended warranty contracts are more affordable and more comprehensive than the dealer?s offerings.

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Extend my auto warranty online with a new auto service contract.

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